The Best Heroes on DOTA 2 to Escape MMR Hell (Tips)

Best Tips/Hacks/Cheats to Help You as You Play Dota 2


When it comes to mastering, Dota 2 is highly dynamic. The game has many heroes with vast skills. Together, they create numerous technique and combos that can reward players a win.


Are you a newbie? If yes, it is prudent to begin with strength ranged hero. You ought to start with Sniper.


World Of Warcraft Movie Review


World of Warcraft Movie Review

The following is a World of Warcraft Movie Review is a 2016 fantasy film written by the partners Leavitt and Metzen and directed by a produced known as Duncan Jones. The movie is based on the novels and game series that are set in the world of Azeroth from the Warcraft Video Game series.


Best Fantasy Games Ever Worth Trying Out



Fantasy games usually comprise of adventurous and immersive storylines which easily makes them prevalent amongst gaming enthusiast. Whether its marveling at the different characters available in the game or the different types of interactions they have, fantasy storylines are one of the bestselling gaming niches on the market today. The ability that games have to entrance us into the lands where demons,


Top Gaming Laptops Under $400


Finding a laptop for gaming is difficult without breaking the bank. However, there are laptop models out there that are affordable and still have the necessary specifications to play your favorite games. We’ve compiled a list of six laptops that are easily affordable and will run your favorite games. Remember, these aren’t the best laptops on the market,


Understanding Dota 2 Best Fantasy Game Ever


Gaming is interesting for people who understand the activity. However, it requires skills and a sharp mind. There are a lot of games in the modern world, and you need to understand the great ones so that you can have a great time. Read on to know more about the Dota 2 best fantasy game ever.


Review of The Witcher 3


Review of The Witcher 3maxresdefault (6)
The following is a review of the Witcher 3 that is an adventurous and fantasy action role-playing video game that was officially released in early 2013.

By mid-2015, the game was available on prevalent video gaming platforms such as Xbox One,